This site is largely a collection of my personal memories and experiences with ample diversions for my own interpretations of those historical events that I know something about…mostly World War II and the Cold War.  Having spent over two decades in the military, specifically in the intelligence business, I’ve spent my career studying the diplomatic and military events that have shaped our modern world since the early 1930s… from roughly the onset of the Great Depression, FDR’s first election as President and Hitler becoming German Chancellor.

This site may strike you as disorganized because things are not in exact chronological sequence.  I write like I speak….the grammar is not perfect, the sentences not always complete,  I use some bad language….so get over it.   If you want perfection go to Amazon.

Early Years

Home for me is the northeast.  Life growing up there was not terribly hard.  We had a comfortable middle class lifestyle in a small New England town in central Connecticut whose population could probably best be described as WASP….white anglo-saxon cheshire sealprotestant.   We were a community of reasonably well-off middle class Americans …..maybe just a smidge above middle class. My father owned a small business in town and we -his kids- could work there pretty much whenever we wanted to.  ‘Work’ is probably the wrong term. Nobody really pushes you too hard when it’s your name on the front of the building.

This was back in the day when one working parent was usually enough to support a household.  A lot of us were lucky to have memberships in swim and tennis clubs during the summer.

This is the classic New England church I attended growing up

It was not uncommon to spend a week or two at the beach or a couple of weeks at sleep-over camp during the summer.  Camp was really as much an opportunity for our parents get a break from us -and focus on that 5 pm gin and tonic-as it was for us kids to go off on a little vacation.   It was fun.  Usually church-sponsored, at camp we learned swimming, boating, crafts.  You could earn certification in being a life guard at a beach or pool – they  taught water-safety-instruction which I learned.  It was generally a good time.

The history of our little town went back quite some time. There is a cemetery behind the town hall where some the town’s early residents had lived  and died before the American Revolution even started.









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